About Me

IMG_1742My name is Chelsea, and I am studying Public Relations at Texas State University. Some of my hobbies include drinking coffee, paddle boarding, hiking, adding to my Pinterest board, and eating Mexican food. Also, I have a baby…covered in fur.

I am originally from Houston, born and raised. I have two siblings, and I am the middle child. My dog is a rescue, and she is my world. I adopted her in the summer of 2015, and I was complete the day I actually got her. We do everything together; she even sleeps in my bed with me.

Other than my IMG_2339hobbies listed above, I have a huge passion for makeup and fashion. I started watching YouTube videos of how to do makeup when I was about 14, and that is still something I do often. I have learned everything I know from YouTube videos, and I am always the one people ask to do their makeup for events. Before I was a PR major, I was studying fashion merchandising. I have always loved styling outfits and trying new trends.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog! Grab a cup of coffee & stay a while!



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