Environment is everything

IMG_1889In my last post I talked about how the people you surround yourself affects your happiness. Another thing that affects your happiness is your environment. What you surround yourself with is extremely important, as it can affect your mood and perspective on life. Creating a space of your own to be able to relax in is essential to your overall wellbeing and happiness.
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You’ve got a friend in me

COFFEERelationships are essential to happiness, and connecting with people is such a beautiful thing to be a part of. Making these connections not only feeds the soul, but creates a sense of peace. You should always have someone to talk to if you need them, or someone to call if things go awry. Always make time for the people you care about and work on relationships everyday, because the best friendships come from hard work of both parties.

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Ya snooze, ya lose

The most telling way of how your day will pan out is by how it starts. If I start my morning out on a positive note, my day usually follows suit. I find my morning routine to be beneficial to my happiness and perspective of life. Although I cannot claim to follow this morning routine every single day (because let’s be real…8 a.m.’s), I have made it a habit to try and follow my routine most days of the week. Without further ado, here is my morning routine.My Morning Routine Continue reading

Hello? It’s me

IMG_1742Hello internet. My name is Chelsea Karrenbrock, and I am a sophomore at Texas State University studying Public Relations in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. A few little fun tidbits about me: I love animals (especially dogs), the outdoors, getting crafty, and I might be
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