Why You Should Get a Dog in College

IMG_2339Today, I left my dog at home and I am a little down about it. She needs training, so my mom had me leave her in Houston for a few weeks so that she can get the training she needs. My apartment has never been quieter, and I hate it. Therefore, I’m making you a list of reasons you should get a dog in college (that is if you are financially able and are willing to give it the dedication an animal deserves). Really though, don’t just get an animal because you think it will be fun. Sometimes it isn’t fun, and you have to take that into consideration.

Reasons you should get a dog in college:

IMG_24521. You will never get lonely. When I wake up, Molly is staring at me. When I go to the bathroom, she whines at the door. When I sit on the couch, she’s laying on top of me. When I eat, she rests her head on my lap. If you need constant reassurance, a dog is the best because they always want to be around you.
2. You will exercise more. Dogs need to be walked, run, played with, etc. They need attention and exercise, just like you do. Taking your dog to the dog park and throwing a ball around, or taking your dog on a run not only helps you get fit, but exercise also increases your endorphin levels, so you’re happier.

IMG_23763. You will never have a dull moment again. Dogs are some of the most personable animals. Molly always keeps me laughing. Most of the pictures on my phone are of her, making funny faces or doing something hilarious. She always keeps things interesting, and is always just so dang cute. She makes my heart whole and I couldn’t imagine it without her.

All in all, getting a dog in college is one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made. If you can afford to get a dog, and take care of it (food, vet bills, toys, etc) then I highly encourage getting one.

Until next time,



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