Get Up and Out: Take a hike

Have you ever felt isolated or lonely? Get outside! One of the best way to lift yourself up is by getting some sunlight. This past week was pretty rough for me, with school and everything. My blinds were honestly closed all week, and then I realized that that probably wasn’t helping my mindset very much.

There are a TON of places to go hiking near San Marcos. If you aren’t into hiking, just get outside! Go walk around the square or go to Sewell and lay out. There is so much to do in this great town. For me though, hiking has always been a great escape. On the plus side, you get your exercise in with hiking, in addition to a great tan (don’t forget the sunscreen, though).

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A hiking area I love to go to is McKinney Falls State Park. It’s on the outskirts of Austin, but close to San Marcos. They have a bunch of hiking trails, water areas, and cool places to explore. I went with Lindsey, and of course Molly. The scenery was beautiful, but I couldn’t manage to get Molly in the water (she’s terrified). Maybe next time!

How do you stay positive?

Until next time,



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