Work work work to change

imageToday while I was binge watching Buzzfeed videos on YouTube, I was feeling rather unmotivated. I wanted to change this, so naturally I typed “How to get motivated” into the YouTube search box, and the video that caught my attention was “Getting Motivated & Staying Positive” by YouTuber Rachel Talbott. This video encouraged me to get up and do something with my life. I marched out the door with Molly in tow, and we walked around my apartment complex as I contemplated what I wanted to change.

Well, I compiled a list for you.

Things I want to change:

  1. Don’t fall into the dark, scary void of Buzzfeed YouTube videos (often). As exhibited in this bullet point, and in the intro of this post, I have an extremely had habit of watching one YouTube video, which then turns into a full on marathon of random videos. It can last for hours, which doesn’t sound very healthy, and certainly doesn’t do anything to make me happy. There are a lot of other things I could do that would make me happier.
  2. Say “no” more. I’m a people pleaser. This is no secret, and I actually feel guilty saying “no” to people. When people ask me questions, especially favors, I almost always answer yes. I need to stop doing this as much. It is OK  to say no, and sometimes you just have to put yourself before others. (I feel guilty saying that last sentence…I’m working on it.)
  3. Do. Ya know, this one is really hard for me, and probably doesn’t make sense just by the title, so let me explain. I love scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram looking at cool pictures and cool people doing cool things, and I think to myself, “Wow! That’s so cool…I wish I could do that.” The thing that I never realize is that I can. I want to starting “do”ing more. So there’s that.

These are just some of the things that I want to change, that will more than likely have a positive effect on my happiness. Hopefully this list helps you. I find that making lists just really makes me feel like I’ve got it together, but maybe that’s just the Type A in me.

What is something that you want to change in your life so that you will be happier?

Until next time,



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