Environment is everything

IMG_1889In my last post I talked about how the people you surround yourself affects your happiness. Another thing that affects your happiness is your environment. What you surround yourself with is extremely important, as it can affect your mood and perspective on life. Creating a space of your own to be able to relax in is essential to your overall wellbeing and happiness.


Make your bed a comfy place that you love. Your bed is where your body gets to recharge. It is important for your bed to be comfortable, so you can completely relax at night. A good tip is that your bed should strictly be for sleeping. You should stay away from electronics while in bed, so your brain associates your bed only with sleep.


Other than your bed, your space should reflect how you want to
feel. For example, I have some bright colors and inspirational quotes framed on my gallery wall. The bright colors make me feel happier and more positive, and the quotes help me to keep a positive mindset. Another tip to create a better environment for yourself is to keep your area clean, that way you know where everything is.



What is your favorite part about your space?

Until next time,



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