You’ve got a friend in me

COFFEERelationships are essential to happiness, and connecting with people is such a beautiful thing to be a part of. Making these connections not only feeds the soul, but creates a sense of peace. You should always have someone to talk to if you need them, or someone to call if things go awry. Always make time for the people you care about and work on relationships everyday, because the best friendships come from hard work of both parties.

If you feel as if you don’t have good friends, something you really should think about is how you treat other people. Are you someone that others would consider a good friend? If not, change that. You can’t expect to have good friends if you don’t reciprocate the friendship. Try hearing people out. Don’t assume. Communication is key. Also, try to do more things for others without expectations for something in return.

Occasionally, people come into your life that drag you down instead of bringing you up. Toxic relationships can be tough. In my experience, I have a tough time letting go of relationships, but I’m more scared of hurting a person’s feelings. I have realized over time that even though letting go can be tough, it pays off in the long run. Ridding yourself of a toxic relationship is such a huge step to being fully happy. Let go of the toxic, and surround yourself with positive influences.

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